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A. P. Leventis 3rd Annual Lecture

The A. P. Leventis 3rd Annual Lecture was held at the lecture auditorium of the APLORI on the 15th of November 2012, also marking the 10th Year Anniversary of the Institute. 
Dr. P. J. Jones

The Lecture was presented by Dr. Peter James Jones, an Honorary Fellow, Institute of Evolutionary Biology, University of Edinburgh UK. the lecture was titled ” ‘Tsunstun Jambaki’ an Avian Locust”. 

In attendance was the Vice- Chancellor of the University of Jos and other Stakeholders in the academic and business community.
Dr. Jones receiving a gift from the Vice- Chancellor represented by Prof. Dakul 
Peter Jones highlighted the problems caused by the genus Quelea and traced history of efforts put in place by different government to curb their menace.  He also pointed possible areas of research.

Dr. Peter Jones 

PAOC Poster competition

Thanks to everybodyfor submitting your posters for evaluation. The Scientific Committee members ranked your posters independently and then we averaged the scores. The top 5 will be sponsored by APLORI to attend the PAOC. The results for the top 7 were:
1.       Hope
2.       Crossby
3.       Bakam
4.       Ojay
5.       Fidel
6.       Stella
7.       Dayo
Hope has his own funding so our final list of people that we will financially support for the PAOC is:
Well done to everyone who made the list. Well done to everyone who submitted posters – they were all of an excellent standard. Two posters were not primarily on birds so scored lower than reflected their quality as posters: we can’t change the fact that the PAOC is an ornithological conference!
We will use everybody’s posters at the PAOC subject to maybe a bit of tweaking – we will get back with specific suggestions for improvements on a one to one basis.

Bird Population Monitoring scheme in Nigeria: Scheme Inception workshop at APLORI

There shall be a workshop  titled:
Development of a new national Bird Population Monitoring scheme in Nigeria
Scheme Inception workshop
To take place in APLORI from the 19th – 21st September 2011.
As APLORI is the only ornithological research institute in West Africa, the success of this bird monitoring scheme which has been carried out successfully in other countries will solely depend on us. Therefore, as many of you that can make yourself available for this workshop and help the scheme be a success will be appreciated.

For further information contact: