BirdLife Africa’s Director Dr. Julius Arinaitwe visits APLORI; gives lectures and also talks about the decline of Africa’s Vultures

Dr. Arinaitwe visited APLORI from 20th January 2016 for two weeks during which he had intensive lectures on conservation Biology with the APLORI M.Sc students. On 2nd February, 2016 he presented a seminar titled “The challenge of conserving Africa’s Vultures” at APLORI. He said Vultures in Africa face extinction in our lifetime and urged immediate action in order to avoid this from happening. He also encouraged the audience to contribute in helping BirdLife stop the Vulture catastrophe especially considering that Africa still holds 11 species of vulture, 6 of which are found nowhere else in the world.


Dr. Arinaitwe (5th from Left) with APLORI MSc students